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Boston Outdoor Dining | Restaurants in Greater Boston, MA - wholesale Soccer jerseys

Outdoor Dining

There’s something about dining al fresco – does the food really taste better? Or are we just so happy to be outside in the summer air?  Regardless, sidewalk, patio and roof top dining beckons all – all season long. Newbury Street’s restaurants and cafes offer a wide selection of dining options with the added bonus of great people watching. Boston’s waterfront, especially the Seaport District has become a dining mecca.  World-wide cuisines await your taste buds as does an amuse bouche – spectacular waterfront and harbor views – whether dockside, roof top or terrace.

Restauranteurs across the city appreciate the warm weather treat as much as diners and set up tables and umbrellas in any space they can manage and many continue this dining option well into the fall by providing heat lamps and fire pits.   A word to the overly hungry – the majority, if not all, do not take reservations for outdoor dining – tables are available on a first come, first serve basis – so plan accordingly.

The new ultimate option on the outdoor culinary scene are the omnipresent food trucks (15 public locations – at last count and the Rose Kennedy Greenway).  Summer or Winter, no reservations, seating is optional, and the lines are worth the wait.  It doesn’t get much better!

Remember to mark your calendar for the August culinary adventure, Dine Out Boston®. You’ll be able to savor creative and delicious cuisine at over 150 restaurants throughout Greater Boston at some very special prices — whether dining inside or out!

By the Water

Search all the restaurants that are offering dining al fresco!

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