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Chicago Park District | Discover History, Gardens & Events - wholesale Soccer jerseys

The Chicago Park District (CPD) is the oldest and largest park district in the U.S. The city owns and operates some 8,100 acres of green space amongst the skyscrapers, streets, and commerce of an urban environment. The celebrated CPD is responsible for:

The beauty of Chicago lies not only in its magnificent architecture, but in the preserved green space including:

  • 90 gardens
  • 10 bird and wildlife gardens
  • 17 historic lagoons

And with Chicago's amazing deep dish pizza and famous Italian sausage around every turn, it helps to have topnotch athletic facilities including:

  • 51 outdoor pools
  • 26 swimming beaches
  • Hundreds of basketball courts and baseball diamonds
  • Archery ranges, ice rinks, skate parks, and more

Chicago's park district partners with its neighborhoods for:

  • Movies in the Parks, a program that presents totally free movie showings in over 100 locations throughout the city. 
  • The CPD celebrates 60 years of Theater on the Lake the city's summer celebration of drama. 
  • Night Out in the Parks, the expanded citywide program that offers everything from free music concerts to festivals to dance performances. 

No tour of Chicago's green spaces would be complete without a walk through the city's famed Grant Park. "Chicago's front yard" is over 300 acres of biking paths, beautiful gardens, public arts and museums. The space is inspiring, easily accessible, and open to the public. Visitors will enjoy Buckingham Fountain, one of Chicago's most recognizable landmarks.

Millennium Park wasn't opened until 2004, but has quickly become one of the city's most popular attractions. With remarkable, larger-than-life public art and the world-class Pritzker Pavilion concert venue, Millennium Park is a must visit for anyone exploring Chicago.


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Lincoln Park Conservatory
2391 N. Stockton Dr.
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 742-7736

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