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Joffrey Ballet | Find Chicago Performing Arts & Dance Companies - wholesale Soccer jerseys

From the start with the splashy entrances to the end with the dramatic exits at the close of the curtains, don't take your eyes off the stage! You won't want to miss any of the tireless turns, sky-high leaps or seamless lifts from the incredible Joffrey dancers.

In its home city of Chicago, The Joffrey Ballet whisks audiences away with spellbinding performances that embrace all aspects of the art form:  classical and modern, abstract and narrative, traditional and avant-garde. Yet even with such broad diversity, what unifies the wide range of works is the company's commitment to artistic excellence and innovation. Dancers are classically trained to the highest standards and you won't find a more delightful display of beauty and grace blending with strength
and precision.



Did you know....? The list of factoids on The Joffrey Ballet is incredible. The Joffrey Ballet has been hailed as "America's Company of Firsts" with a long list of those "firsts" in its history including: 

  • the first dance company to perform at the White House at Jacqueline Kennedy's invitation
  • the first to appear on television

  • the first American company to visit Russia
  • the first classical dance company to go multi-media
  • the first to commission a rock ‘n' roll ballet 
  • the first and only dance company to appear on the cover of Time magazine
  • the first company to have had a major motion picture based on it, Robert Altman's The Company

Not only first in these respects, The Joffrey continues to build upon its legacy since its founding by visionary teacher Robert Joffrey in 1956.

Moving from hugely successful, former residences in New York and Los Angeles, the company lives permanently right here in the heart of the US-Chicago, Illinois. Stroll down State Street and you can see the dancers floating past the upper-level windows of their brilliant new downtown facility, Joffrey Tower.



For performances, there is perhaps no greater a venue for the Joffrey Ballet to take the stage than the Auditorium Theatre. This National Historic Landmark located in The Loop was the crowning achievement of famed architects Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler and is known internationally for its perfect acoustics, innovative architecture and elegant design.

In addition to getting the full season calendar, as a dance devotee you can plan your visit to a Joffrey performance, purchase tickets and learn more about the company at


Visit the Choose Chicago Events Calendar to see what exciting productions are on stage while you're here, and if you're looking to get the inside scoop on what's happening across the city, get recommendations from our resident culture vultures at the Chicago Like a Local blog.


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The Joffrey Ballet
Joffrey Tower, 10 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 739-0120

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