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Chicago Bulls | Find Basketball Games, Events & Schedule - wholesale Soccer jerseys


Basketball fans take United Center by storm to cheer for the six-time NBA World Champions.

Hall of Famers and MVPs. Heated rivalries and epic playoff runs. Championship trophies — six of them! And bucket boys. The Chicago Bulls have it all.

Recall the legendary teams and players throughout the team's illustrious history and cheer on the newest names that take to the court. The Chicago Bulls continue to put on one of the best shows in basketball – fueled by star players and a faithful fan following.

Check out the Bulls schedule.


1901 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 455-4000

Chicago Bulls at United Center© Chicago Bulls/Kena Krutsinger

As any basketball fan enters the United Center, they pay tribute to the famous statue of Michael Jordan. The impressive bronze statue depicts Jordan — arguably the greatest professional basketball player of all time — "flying" over his opponents in a depiction of one of his legendary slam dunks. You'll have no doubt why he earned the nickname "Air Jordan." The United Center, often referred to as the Madhouse on Madison, is truly the house that Jordan built.


Before the game

Indulge in the city's famous local grub like our deep-dish pizza and a Chicago-style hot dog. Or select from a variety of other options in the stadium, like the brewpub or cantina for great spots to grab a drink and cheer on the team.

What's more, the Bulls have all six of their NBA championship trophies on display. And right across is an official team store to stock up on memorabilia. Fans can also have a photo taken with busts of Scottie Pippen and long-time great announcer (and former coach) Johnny "Red" Kerr.

Game start

When the stadium goes dark and the Bulls' iconic theme song pulses through the speakers, bright laser lights beam red and the jumbotron flashes with animated videos of bulls stampeding across the city. With each name announced on the starting lineup, the fans rev up for the start of the game. It's a tradition — and there's nothing like it.

Chicago Bull's mascot, Benny the Bull waving flagPhoto by Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls

Game time

Throughout the game and between the timeouts, keep an eye out for beloved mascot Benny the Bull as he hams it up on the sidelines and tosses t-shirts into the stands. From the dancing Luvabulls cheerleading squad to the rhythmic drumming of the Bucket Boys, the entertainment will exhilarate you — no matter what the score.

Browse for home games on the Events Calendar, and get the inside scoop from our Chicago Like a Local blog. 

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