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How to Get To Andersonville | Choose Chicago - wholesale Soccer jerseys


from Magnificent Mile Downtown: 7 miles

Chicago's neighborhoods are served by multiple bus and train lines for public transportation. Get fare details, schedule timetables and maps for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) at For visitors traveling by suburban commuter train, get station maps and full schedules from Metra at

Taxis are plentiful and easy to hail in most Chicago neighborhoods. Credit cards are accepted in all cabs by city mandate. It is standard to tip the driver about 15-20% of the fare, plus $1.00-2.00 per bag if the driver assists with luggage. Please note that all fares are subject to change. Get approximate cab fares and distances at

For motorists, public parking lots, garages and street parking varies by neighborhood. Find streets with metered parking spaces and get meter rates at

For cyclists, information on local bike lanes and bicycle rack parking is available at

No matter how you get around, you'll have no trouble navigating the city, thanks to Chicago's grid system. The State/Madison intersection marks the origin of the grid—the 0/0 mark—with every eight blocks equaling one mile. State Street divides the city east and west, while Madison Street divides the city north and south. Every address is relative to the 0/0 mark. For example, 900 N. Michigan Avenue is roughly nine blocks north of Madison Street on Michigan Avenue.


Red Line 'L' train Berwyn

Bus #22 (Clark), #92 (Foster)


CTA Cash Fare: 
$2.25 bus single ride

CTA Transit Card: 
$2.00 bus first ride 
$2.25 rail first ride 
$0.25 first transfer 
FREE second transfer

CTA Unlimited Ride Passes: 
$10.00 1-Day 
$20.00 3-Day
$28.00 7-Day


$18.00 from downtown

17 minutes from downtown

Taxi Fare: 
$2.25 for the first 1/9 mile
$0.20 each additional 1/9 mile
$1.00 first additional passenger
$0.50 each additional passenger

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    Sightseeing along the L Train
    Chicago has an excellent public transportation...
    Theater & Performing Arts
    Get ready to journey through fairytale...
    LGBTQ+ Chicago
    Named City of the Year in 2013 by,...
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