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Advocacy 101 - Choose Chicago - wholesale Soccer jerseys



Every year the travel industry proves its worth as an engine for economic growth and job creation. Advocating on behalf of the industry is a necessary task to keep the industry from danger and to continue being such an important part of our nation and our city's recovery.

When thinking of travel, the average person may conjure up images of vacations, lodging or transit, but travel is much more than that. Travelers provide revenue for restaurants, parks, museums, hotels and even services like photographers and taxi drivers. Travelers keep people employed and create new jobs.

Travel supported a massive 14.6 million jobs in 2012 with a combined wages of $200.9 billion dollars. In fact, one out of every eight U.S. jobs DEPENDS on travel.

Locally in 2012, Chicago welcomed a total of 46.37 million visitors to our city. Additionally, the tourism industry in Chicago supports 132,000 jobs that cannot be outsourced, $12.8 billion in direct spending and a massive $805.6 million in tax revenue. Travel benefits Chicago and every Chicago resident.

The impact of travel is felt every day and most people just don't realize it. According to the US Travel Association, the economic output that was generated by domestic and international visitors in 2012 totaled $2.0 trillion dollars. Tax revenue generated by travel spending for federal, state and local governments hit $128.8 billion dollars. Travel is considered an export and it is ranked number one out of all U.S. industry exports.

The travel impact is felt outside of businesses as well, without the revenue generated by travel and tourism each U.S. household would pay $1,060 more in taxes. 2.8% of the nation's gross domestic product is attributed to travel and tourism. Business travel is also just an important as leisure travel, in 2012; direct spending on business travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $259 billion.

Travel provides unparalleled opportunity for growth more than almost any other industry. The effects of travel is felt every day in many different facets, many just don't realize it. Advocating for tourism is educating elected officials and policy makers the importance of travel and tourism. It's explaining that it's working and it's been working for a long time. It's an eye-opening industry that creates jobs and stimulates the economy of the nation and Chicago.


You can help us in advocating for our important industry! Become a Choose Chicago Champion by clicking here and filling out our form. By becoming a Choose Chicago Champion we will provide you with everything you need to help communicate how important travel and tourism is to your elected official and alert you to opportunities to join with others in spreading the word.

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